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Led comprehensive advertising and marketing efforts for both institutions and agencies. Developed and executed comprehensive marketing plans. Directed the development of copy, design, and creative for print and digital advertising. Guided the delivery of advertising using marketing data and research. Led the creation of reports to illustrate the efficacy of marketing and advertising campaigns.


Website development and maintenance keeps each website running smoothly. Through regular monitoring of Google Analytics and Google Search Console reports, issues are addressed to achieve optimized performance.

Led multidisciplinary team team to deliver a fully redesigned website, content driven by SEO research, and market-aligned product positioning. Eliminated outdated content and integrated marketing automation.

Oversight of website development and site optimization team. Responsible for supervision of content updates, monitoring Google Analytics, identifying opportunities for improvement, collaboration with university departments, and training.

Initially migrated content management system from Joomla 1.0 to Joomla 1.6, including server transition. Most recently migrated to WordPress, including a full redesign. Current work involves website updates, SEO, maintenance, Google Apps, and server administration. Website redesign won 2020 ACP Award.

Ongoing work involves website updates, server administration, Google Search Console monitoring for performance and optimization, and incremental design updates.

Standardized Resources

Led the development of design, accessibility, and branding resources for University use. Guides provide specifications about color schemes, logo usage, technical accessibility requirements, recommended language, and editorial style.

Doctoral Dissertation

Effect of Digital Advertising on Website Traffic at a Kentucky Comprehensive Regional University.
This research is a quantitative analysis of the effect of marketing campaigns on website traffic. The analysis examined similarities and differences of user behaviors, comparing users who arrived at the website via organic methods versus those who arrived via advertising campaigns.

EKU Magazine

EKU Magazine is published twice per year and features the stories of the alumni, students, faculty and staff of Eastern Kentucky University. The magazine is a collaboration between EKU’s departments of Communications & Brand Management and Development & Alumni Engagement. In the role of managing editor, I lead the staff responsible for content development and creative direction of the magazine.


Reports are created on a regular basis to communicate the strategies and tactics used for campus events, strategic efforts, seasonal activities, and annual summaries. Data and information for reports are compiled by team members and developed into narrative and graphical representations to illustrate both qualitative and quantitative results.


Recruitment materials are developed on an annual basis in collaboration with the enrollment management department. The materials are used by admissions counselors during prospective student campus visits, direct mail campaigns, college fairs, and other recruitment activities.